Proximal, British Columbia

The property is located immediately north of Cranbrook and consists of 803 ha (1,984 acres). The property is cored by an old drill pad surrounded by several small blast pits excavated to assess chalcopyrite-bearing occurrences of a diorite sill associated with strong local alteration. No report of the results of previous diamond drilling have been located but it is rumoured to have intercepted in excess of 60 feet of mineralized diorite.

A preliminary diamond drill program in 2005 documented anomalous copper mineralization within gabbro sills mapped as hosted within the Kitchener Formation. Copper grades up to 0.324% over 17.97 m were reported (Press Release dated August 16, 2005).

As part of the 2006 field program, an airborne geophysical survey was flown on the Proximal property by Aeroquest International. Coincident electromagnetic and magnetic surveys were flown, comprised of 206 line kilometres with a 100 m line spacing.

A review of the data suggests a number of trends, both on the electromagnetic and magnetic surveys. As a general observation, the trends from the two surveys do not appear to be coincident. In addition, several localized anomalies, having high amplitude responses, are evident from the data. On the basis of an initial review of the data, an additional mineral tenure has been acquired to cover these anomalous trends and localized anomalies for further evaluation.

In addition, a limited soil program, comprised of 3 lines (1 road, 2 traverses) was completed as a continuation of 2005 program. A total of 95 soil samples were recovered. The results are generally low, however, copper less than 120 ppm, lead less than 54.01 ppm and zinc less than 235.1 ppm were documented.

The objective of the exploration program on the Proximal property is to locate additional copper mineralization. At this time, it is uncertain whether copper mineralization documented to date, including native copper, is associated with gabbro lithologies (as a lithological control) or along faults (as a structural control).

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